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Please send completed forms to

*We reserve the right to accept or deny any applications*

Adoption Application

Please fill out this form if you are interested in any of our adoptable cats.


Fill this out in addition to the Adoption Application.

Foster Application

If you would like to foster for Wilson County Cats please complete this form.



New Cat Checklist

Getting your first cat or adding a new kitten or cat?  Check out our recommended checklist of items you may need.

Simple Tips for Introducing Two Cats

Just adopted a new kitten or cat? Here are just a few tips on introducing them to your existing cats for a smooth transition.

Facts on Declawing

Not sure about declawing your cat?  Attached is a fact sheet on why declawing is considered inhumane.


Looking for a all natural way to control pests?  Have a farm, ranch or shed? Then a barn cat could be just the thing you need.

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